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Biblical Names

The symbol "-F" after the Name symbolises the name of a Female and the symbol "-M" symbolises the name of a Male. 

  • Abigail:Fathers Source of Joy. Beautiful wife of Nabal, later, wife of King David. -F

  • Eden: Pleasure. The residence of the first couple, Adam and Eve, before they were cast out.-F

  • Zoe: Life. Egyptian translation of the name Eve.-F

  • Samaria: A watch Mountain -F

  • Tamar: Flower of the Desert. Daughter of King David-F

  • Alexander: Helper of Men.Brave -M

  • Asa: Healer. Grandson of David. -M

  • Elazar: The one whom God has helped -M

  • Enos: Mortal Man. Grandson of Adam And Eve. -M

  • Hiram: Noble. King of Tyre who helped Solomon build his temple and David his palace.-M

  • Rufus: Red. Son of Simon the Cyrenian. -M

  • Zared: A Brook running into the dead sea. -M

  • Jessi: Father Of David. A Biblical Name -M

  • Caleb: In Hebrew it mens faithful. In Arabic it mens brave. -M

  • Rhesa: A Biblical Name found in the Luke 3:27 of the Bible -F

  • Aloysius: Name of a Saint -M

  • Esther: A Biblical Name meaning Star. It was given to the named person by the Persian King -F

  • Emeric: Name of a Saint -M

  • Cana:The City where Jesus performed his first miracle. -F

  • Anah:To Sing -F

  • Avia:Hezekiah's Mother-F

  • Ania: Grace. Polish Version of the Name Anna -F

  • Havah:Life. The Hebrew name for Eve -F

  • Hadassah:Myrtle Tree -F

  • Ezra -M

  • Dalia: Branch -F

  • Gania:Garden of God -F

  • Haviva:Beloved -F

  • Jezriah -M

  • Josiah -M

  • Bethany -F

  • Jerusha -F

  • Baltazar: One of the three Kings who visited Jesus, when he was born. -M

  • Jacinta: A Biblical Name -F

  • Talitha: A Young Maiden in the Bible whom Jesus brings to Life. -F

  • Kiriath:The Son of Noah -F

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