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Names of Lord Shiva

The symbol "-F" after the Name symbolises the name of a Female and the symbol "-M" symbolises the name of a Male. Some of the names have a Meaning and others dont. 

  • Gauresh: Lord of Gauri. -M

  • Akshayaguna: Of Limitless Attributes -M

  • Anagha: Faultless -M, -F

  • Bhalanetra: With eye on the Forehead -M

  • Dayakara: Compassionate -M

  • Lokakriti: Creator of The World -M

  • Mahanidhi: Great Storehouse -M

  • Pribhakta: Favourite Of The Devotees -M

  • Sanatana: Eternel -M

  • Sarveshvara: Lord Of all -M

  • Suprita: Well Pleased -F

  • Tripurari: Enemy of a Demon named Tripura -M

  • Varada: Granter of Boons -M,-F

  • Yogiraj: Great Ascetic -M

  • Gangesha: Lord of Ganga. A Name for Shiva -M

  • Hara: The Remover of Sins. A Name of Lord Shiva -M

  • Hrishikesha: The Lord of the Senses -M

  • Raibat:A Name for Lord Shiva -M

  • Praneel: A Name for Lord Shiva. A Combination of 2 names of Lord Shiva namely Prasannanjeneya and Neelakantha. -M

  • Aniket:Lord Shiva -M

  • Sokanathan: Lord Shiva  -M

  • Soham -M

  • Tripurdaman: Destroyer of the Demon Tripura. A Name for Lord Shiva -M

  • Debesh: Lord of Lords - M

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