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Names of Lord Krishna

The symbol "-F" after the Name symbolises the name of a Female and the symbol "-M" symbolises the name of a Male. Some of the names have a Meaning and others dont.

Danvendra: Granter of Boons -M

Gopalapriya: Lover Of Cowherds -M

Jayani: Conqueror -M,-F

Padmahasta: Lotus-Handed -M

Pankajalochana: Lotus Eyed -M

SarvapalakaProtector of All -M

Trivikrama: Conqueror Of The 3 Worlds -M

Yoginampati: Lord Of The Yogis -M

Yogini: Lover Of Yogas -M,-F

Avyukta:Crystal Clear -M

Brindavanath:Inhabitor of Brindavan Orchards -M

Dayanidhi:Compassionate -M

Devesh:Lord of Lords -M

Kamsantak:Slayer of Kamsa -M

Kanjalochana:Lotus-Eyed -M

Yadavendra:Leader of the Yadavas -M

Kesava:He who has long curling hair.  -M

Unnikrishnan: Lord Krishna -M

Radesh: A Name for Lord Krishna meaning the accompanier of Radha -M

Nilesh: The Blue God. Lord Krishna -M

Murari: One with the Flute. Lord Krishna -M

Pakshdhar: The one with the Peacock Feather and the one on your side when everyone is against you -M

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