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Names of Allah

Mutakabbir: The Majestic 

Bari: The Evolver 

Musawwir: The Fashioner 

Qahhar: The Subduer 

Fattah: The Opener 

Qabid: The Constrictor 

Hassib: The Reckoner 

Azlaan: Lion

Raqib: The Watchful 

Awwal: The First 

Muta Ali: The Most Exalted 

Mani: The Preventor. A name for Allah 

Khaleel: A Friend 

Alaleem: He who knows all Things


Mudabbir:A Name of Allah, The Almighty. It means that HE created the Whole Working System of the Universe

Shakorun: A Name for Allah, The Almighty. He is one who can hear Everything

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