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Names of Lord Rama

The symbol "-F" after the Name symbolises the name of a Female and the symbol "-M" symbolises the name of a Male. Some of the names have a Meaning and others dont.

Satyavache: Speaker of Truth -M

Dhanvine: Of the Solar Race -M

Paresha: Lord of The Lords -M

Paratpara: Greatest of The Greats -M

Parasme: Most Superior -M

Shashvata: Eternal -M

Rajeevalochana:Lotus-Eyed -M

Shrimate:Revered By All -M

Jitamitra: Vanquisher of Foes-M


Vatradhara:Practising Penance-M

Vedatmane:Spirit of the Vedas-M

Trivikrama:Lord of 3 Worlds-M

Adipurush:Primordial Being-M

Mahapurush:Great Being-M

Parasme:Most Superior-M

Saketharaman: A Name for Lord Rama-M

Ramoji -M

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