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What to Consider when selecting a Name

Start by Thinking about your name:-

Would you give yourself the same name you already have? Go down the memory name and see weather you were ever teased because of your name. Did you ever like to have a different name? Do you feel let down because of your name? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then analyze your “whys,” before naming your child.

Then think about your last name:- If its short and simple then you can pair it with a large first name. But if it’s to long and ethnic then you might consider giving your child a short and simple first name.

A Middle Name:- Four fifths of people in Who’s Who have middle names. It will be easier to identify your child if he has a meaningful middle name. There may be many John Crains out there, but the number decreases dramatically by adding a distinctive middle name…such as John Schuyler Crains.

Initials Ah, superstition! It is said that people whose initials spell out a word will be wealthy. If you believe the superstition, then rig it so that your child’s name will spell out a word. But be kind. Make sure the word is one with which your child will want to be associated. Its great when initials spell out TEN, FUN, WOW. Be sure to stay clear of initials like BAD, PIG or DUD.

Nicknames A Hungarian Proverb says, “ A child that is loved has many names” And most nicknames are a sign affection. Studies have shown that people with nicknames tend to be better adjusted. Plus, nicknames seem to promote a certain intimacy and indicate friendship.

Spelling Our first inclination was to say, keep the spelling conventional so that your child doesn’t have to go through life correcting everybody.

A tough Act To follow It might be traditional in some western countries to give a boy his father’s name, tacking on a “Junior” or “II” or “III” but we think you could do better than that. “Give your child his own name.”

The Meaning of It all The meanings of names go way back to the beginning of Recorded History and it all depends on which historical record you go by. A meaning is the most distinct and important identity of the name.

Sound It out. Lastly just say the name aloud, which you have chosen. Does it sound good. Be sure to see that when the last name begins from the same letter the first name ends, its hard to tell where the first name ends and the last name begins.

Lastly…The rules which were given above were just in General. There are hundreds of names which have defied every consideration. So ultimately the choice is yours.

Source: This article is an extract from the introduction of the book “ The Perfect Name for The Perfect Baby” by Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen

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